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Deena Kakaya

A good, flavoursome, sustaining and nutritious breakfast shouldn’t be something we relish just at the weekends or during holidays, but it so often is. I believe it is the one meal in the day that presents the most challenges for us, whether it is time or finding creative ideas.

I spent a decade in the corporate sector. Sometimes, in rushed ignorance I would miss breakfast, only then to feel sluggish, irritable, sluggish and my productivity levels were suboptimal. Other times I would push myself to ingest lack lustre options of wallpaper paste (over cooked, sticky porridge), or sugar coated crisps (cereals) in the name of keeping my body going. It was only when I decided to have my little boy that I began to reconsider what my body requires and deserves.

I have a family history of diabetes, so the sugary options had to go; it didn’t feel right to start the day in that way anyway. Then, I addressed the issue of balance; it didn’t mean flushing toast down my throat with green tea whilst poising a little person on my hip or driving him to nursery. I needed to nourish my body with more energy, colour and taste.

As I returned from the nursery run, my wipers slashed away the heavy rain that pelted from the dark and grey skies. I reflected on some of my happiest memories, many of which had been made on holidays; safari in South Africa where we were served Guava cheesecake whilst watching wildebeest move. Snoozing on a boat on the Keralan backwaters whilst the chef prepared fresh banana fritters. Sitting high up between the Pitons in St. Lucia and receiving a birthday cake made of locally sourced cocoa, cardamom and coconut. Walking in the streets of France with my husband, nibbling on pistachio macaroons or listening to the music in the Swiss Alps, cold in the snow and eating cashew nut chocolate. It then occurred to me, that all of the affirmations we discuss in our home of investing in ourselves, being the person we want to be or living the life we dream of…I wasn’t living the affirmations. So my husband said, ‘why don’t you bring some of that feeling, positive energy into your daily life, every day’? So I said, OK. I decided to make it, smell it, cook it and share it for breakfast each day.

Deeluscious porridge contains no added sugar, is a source of fibre, iron and will make you happy.

Deena Kakaya 

Founder and Creator of Deeluscious Porridges